Experience comfort, warmth, and professionalism.

Welcome to Bowling Dentistry! Dr. Bowling and the team at Bowling Dentistry treat you kindly for a positive experience. We enjoy working together to compose personalized plans focused on achieving your health and desires.

Passing the torch

Continuing a tradition of exceptional dental care established by Dr. Johnson and provided throughout his career at Comprehensive Aesthetic Dentistry.

Dr. Bowling has been providing high quality care in a comfortable atmosphere for over a decade in a private practice setting, and owned his dental practice in Baton Rouge.

He has been calming nervous patients with conscious sedation and providing comprehensive dentistry throughout his career. Years ago, Dr. Bowling’s dental school application essay described how his natural talents and love for art, technology, and science blended together to guide him toward a career in dentistry, and that still rings true today.

Following a series of serendipitous connections forged surrounding his path to Charleston, Dr. Bowling and Dr. Johnson were united in what could be described as two stars crossing ways. Upon meeting in person, they endeavored to come together to transition from one to the other.

In alignment with the goals of Dr. Johnson’s philosophy, we are a practice committed to serving patients with excellence in the art and science of dentistry.

Meet Dr. Bowling and the Bowling Dentistry Team

Dr. Bowling loves dentistry and leading a team that provides exceptional dental care at Bowling Dentistry

Dr. Jonathan Bowling, DDS


"I cannot say enough about Dr. Bowling and his amazing staff. They listened to my concerns, they gave me options and educated me along the way. Friendly, comfortable, and accomodating. They even set me up with a blanket while they worked."

- Kim M.


Your oral and overall health is of the greatest importance to the team at Bowling Dentistry. We strive to offer the best dental care available to our patients in the Charleston area and we believe that education and prevention are two important aspects of a successful dental plan.

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Artistry, experience, and love of the details are the standard
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Diverse, expert skill set means the whole family is welcome
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Nervous? Let us resolve that, we can calm the most anxious